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Book a Wine Tasting Party

Ocean County wine tasting events

Would you like to sample some of Scout and Cellar’s delicious wine in person with family and friends in New Jersey? Schedule a wine tasting and we will bring over a selection of different types of wine for your group to taste. Wine tastings are a fun way to get together with friends and try different types of wine in the privacy of your own home, outdoor event or at your office (after hours, of course).

How to host and what you receive

Hosting is so easy! Request a date about 3-4 weeks out, and we will choose some wines together that you and your friends will love to try. We will take care of making all invites, unless you just want to do it yourself.

Serve simple pairings that might include a variety of cheeses, olives, meats, crackers, chutney, jellies, and/or some sweets. Have food easily accessible to guests so the guests (and host or hostess) has the opportunity to actually sit and enjoy each other while you hear the wine consultant tell you about what you’ll be tasting.

The event can be orchestrated in different ways, with a bottle opened and shared as guests arrive and then the party can assemble with tasty snacks and additional wine offerings to sample.

You will definitely receive free wine for hosting!

wine tasting events in NJ

Interested in learning more, hosting a party, or ordering some wine? Contact us today to schedule a tasting!


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