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What does clean-crafted mean?

Wines that are made from grapes that are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides. The wines are bottled without non-organic chemicals, added nitrites or sugars to modify aroma, texture, flavor or color. In the end, the wine is delicious and provides an better wine experience! Shop online and have your wine shipped to you.

Why should I purchase my Scout & Cellar wines through a consultant instead of just ordering online?

Contact me before you purchase to get a more personalized experience. We can discuss your taste preferences, and I’ll help guide you through wine release that might interest you. I’ll also let you know when some of the top sellers come back in stock. I can personally guarantee you are happy with the experience and make it easier for you to order your wines and handle any unlikely issues that may come up during the process.

Can I purchase these wines at a store near me?

We do not have any retail locations. Scout & Cellar wines are sourced directly from vineyards across the world and delivered directly to our Wine Club Members, Consultants and Wine Tasting Guests.

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